About Us

E-L Financial Corporation Limited ("E-L Financial" or the "Company") operates as an investment and insurance holding company. In managing its operations, the Company distinguishes between two operating segments, E-L Corporate and Empire Life Insurance Company ("Empire Life").

E-L Corporate’s operations includes the oversight of investments in global equities held through direct and indirect holdings of common shares, investment funds, closed-end investment companies and other private companies. E-L Financial holds a 56.6% interest in a closed-end investment corporation, United Corporations Limited (“United”) which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange. United is an investment vehicle for long-term growth through investments in common equities. The invested assets and operations of United are consolidated and included in the E-L Corporate segment. In addition, E-L Corporate has two significant investments in associates including a 36.6% interest in Algoma Central Corporation and a 24.9% interest in Economic Investment Trust Limited.

The Company’s investment in Empire Life (99.5% interest) is consolidated by E-L Financial. The Empire Life operating segment underwrites life and health insurance, investment and retirement products to Canadians.

The Company’s strategy is to accumulate shareholder value through long-term capital appreciation and dividend and interest income from its investments. E-L Financial oversees its investments through representation on the boards of directors of the subsidiaries and the other companies in which the Company has significant shareholdings.

Information above is as at December 31, 2023.